Rękawice bokserskie RDX Harrier tattoo

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Profesjonalne rękawice bokserskie, super design

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RDX T14 HARRIER Tattoo Boxing Gloves

You’re ready to invade, take it all, and leave nothing behind. You are – the Harrier. RDX’s hottest boxing training gloves with the latest advancements in fight tech, including Nova-Tech(Patent Pending). Experience unparalleled shock absorption, perfect form, superior delivery, and a lethal design with the RDX Harrier series.


Nova-Tech (Patent Pending) - RDX’s proprietary Flat Arc Radial Panel that decreases impact intensity by dispersing force on a smooth, radial, surface, significantly reducing its effect on the bones.

MG 3 Mould that secures the wrists in perfect form and makes it possible for the glove to house compressed EVA, Blacktop foam, and Nova-Tech, giving you unmatched security while maintaining agility.

Quick-EZ (TM) - Advanced hook-and-loop cuff injected with foam for easy application and added protection.

Super-Skin - Vegan, laminated combat leather that encompasses our unique mould, promising a level of durability and comfort that surpasses authentic leather.

Anti-Thumb lock - Secures the thumb exactly where it needs to be to prevent involuntary twists and movements upon impact, giving you a better form, and protection from serious injuries.

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Rękawice bokserskie RDX Harrier tattoo

Rękawice bokserskie RDX Harrier tattoo

Profesjonalne rękawice bokserskie, super design